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Aurora Names New VP of Sales & Marketing, Victor Villegas

January 15, 2015 | Jacob Lewis | 10,767 comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Torrance, California. January 12, 2015   Aurora, a leading security solutions company specializing in state-of-the-art security and compliance solutions for business critical applications, announced today that it has appointed Victor Villegas as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Villegas will be responsible for the company’s sales, marketing, and business development […]

The 5 W’s of Data Classification

November 14, 2014 | Ralph Figueiredo | 4,442 comments

There are several routes to Regulatory Compliance, but the journey has to include Data Classification. At the heart of becoming compliant, is an effective Data Security Strategy – which in the perfect world would keep our information assets safe from unauthorized access (aka Hackers and Data Thieves). Regardless of the compliance requirement: HIPAA, ITAR, EAR, PCI, […]

Cyber Insurance – Why Insuring Your IT Infrastructure is a Must

October 16, 2014 | Jacob Lewis | 9,417 comments

Target…Neiman Marcus….Home Depot….and now Chase, Cyber Breaches are now a mainstay of Corporate America and will be for a long time to come. Although the first few IT Security breaches had caused uproar in the media and panic within the general public, it seems that as of now, these breaches are commonplace and even expected […]

EAR Compliance and Data Classification Pt. II; Categorization

October 3, 2014 | Jacob Lewis | 5,301 comments

EAR Compliance and Data Classification Pt.II Categorization Equally important as classifying EAR Sensitive data, is categorizing it. Once data is deemed as sensitive or non-sensitive, an organization must apply a set of categories that will differentiate data based on confidentiality and authorization. While it’s understood that an inherent rule of EAR compliance demands that EAR […]

EAR Compliance and “Technical Data” Explained

September 24, 2014 | Jacob Lewis | 10,426 comments

EAR Compliance and “Technical Data” Explained          Although EAR Compliance has been around for quite some time now, IT security has just begun to become a major tenant it’s requirements. One of the most important components to understand, in respect to EAR Compliance, is what exactly classifies as EAR regulated items or “Deemed Exports”. The […]

EAR Compliance and Data Classification

September 17, 2014 | Jacob Lewis | 5,160 comments

EAR Compliance and Data Classification Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is a set of US Government regulations that deals with the export and temporary import of items designed for commercial use, which could have military application (Dual Use). The sensitive information in an EAR context is usually defined as “Technical Data” which includes; articles, technology, software, […]

Data Security Best Practices for EAR Compliance

September 6, 2014 | Ralph Figueiredo | 4,651 comments

 Data Security Best Practices for EAR Compliance EAR Compliance is very similar to ITAR Compliance. However, while ITAR covers military items or defense related technical data, EAR Regulates items designed for commercial purpose which could have military applications such as computers or software (Dual Use). Logically, this includes technical data as well as other information […]

The Benefits Full Disk Encryption

August 28, 2014 | tcoronado | 1,347 comments

By Tony Coronado  The Benefits of Full Disk Encryption Why use disk encryption to encrypt laptops and desktops? Well, why not? There is much talk about security in the cloud and protecting data in transit. But what about data at rest? What would happen if your laptop was lost or stolen? Consider the information we […]

Centralized IT Security Management through a “Single Pane of Glass”

August 22, 2014 | lparkinson | 4,057 comments

Written by: Lee Parkinson “Single Pane of Glass”      For years I have heard the term, “single pane of glass” repeated by software vendors time and time again, and many times I thought the term overused to a point that it became just another marketing term to throw around.  Recently though I was at a client […]

Multi Factor Authentication

August 14, 2014 | Ralph Figueiredo | 6,249 comments

   Multi Factor Authentication Multi Factor Authentication is here and has been a part of our everyday life for a few years now. Everyday examples include: Your ATM Card + Pin to withdraw money from the ATM machine; if you have a safe deposit box, you’ll need two keys to open it; some web pages ask […]

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